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Washington City's Power Department handles the electrical energy needs of the citizens who live north of the Virgin River.

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2009 National Energy Rate Survey Data

Scholarships Available in partnership with American Public Power Association. Click for details.

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Power Day

"Normal Conservation Needed"



Washington City is excited to announce Appliance Incentives. Rebates are available on various appliances for Washington City Power customers. Rebates vary from $20 to $75. For more information go to smartenergy.uamps.com or call 1-888-365-1558.

2007 Audit
Hometown Connections, an external auditing firm, was asked by the Director of Power of the Washington City Power Department to conduct a review of electric utility operations and identify areas that are working well, along with areas where improvements are recommended.

Please Click Here to see the results.

Kelly Carlson
Power Department Director
General Inquiries/Utilities (435) 656-6300



Photos of Washington City's Power Department infrastructure and people.

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