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A Gift of Love

In our long history, we couldnt even begin to calculate the contribution that individual citizens have given to making this a community. However, I would like to touch upon one recent donation we received. Many of you may be familiar, even if you do not know the family directly, with the Nisson family. One of the first and most visible parks in Washington City is called Nisson Park, named after this familys donation of that land. Many of you may also know about the historic Covington home in Washington. Recently, the Kennedy family and the Nisson family approached the city offering to donate the land just north of the Covington home. This very generous donation will allow Washington City to expand upon the Covington home in the future and continue to develop this beautiful piece of our history. I am sure this is just one of the countless gifts of contributions we have received from citizens over the years. On behalf of all of the citizens of Washington City, we express our gratitude to these families for their expression of love and support to our community.

-Roger Carter

City Manager

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