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Meet The Events of Each Day & Satisfaction Will Come

There are many in the world who live heroically in simple, daily, faithful service. People, often unknown, unnoticed, discouraged, sometimes tried and tempted. Very often they all feel like giving up, that they cant carry on... yet they do go on, and do their duty, every day. Fathers left alone. Mothers abandoned, widowed, left with children. Grandparents left to raise grandchildren, and children left to care for each other.There are those who have very little to live on, little relatively to brighten their lives, and yet do what they can with a loyal sense of duty. There are those who love and cherish and care for impaired children; who faithfully care for dependent parents; those who care for loved ones who are long ill and dependent upon them. Those who provide tender care, perform essential tasks with problems and disappointments, under difficult and discouraging conditions.There may be a feeling of frustration in what you are doing. BUT there can be a greater frustration in NOT doing what is yours to do.You can go on to meet the events of each day and satisfaction will come in ways you may never expect or know.

God bless you......and thanks to all of you who give such service.

Our lives are truly worth living for...................Enjoy the day

-Kenneth Neilson


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