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The growth in Washington City has been tremendous. Accompanied with that growth have come new businesses, both home-based and commercial, as well as many new families. With the new businesses coming we have seen an increase in new advertising signs posted throughout the city. With the warm weather, we have also seen an increase in spring cleaning around town, and families are taking advantage of the weather and putting out yard sale signs. We all rely on signs to get us from one place to another within the city. Looking around we find many different examples of signs from city-owned street signs to highway billboards to the for sale sign in the yard of a home. Any sign that is erected in Washington City must meet strict requirements for size, shape, and be placed in the appropriate area. As long as these signs are placed legally they are an effective tool and help keep our city staying productive and looking good. Our city believes in and follows a very detailed sign ordinance. A complete copy of the ordinance is available to anyone. It can be found at the Washington City office building or online at There are a few considerations to make before placing a sign: 1.What kind of sign is it? 2. Will the sign be legal where it is placed? 3. Are there any specific requirements for that type of sign? 4. Have the proper permits been obtained? When the ordinance is not followed we get an accumulation of signs of all types that have a negative impact on the beauty of our city. It is illegal to post signs of any type to traffic light poles, street light poles, or any street sign pole. Yard sale signs are the most common sign type found posted to the poles. This is an illegal practice and because of the number of signs attached to the poles, it is one of the biggest eyesores for the community. Attaching signs to poles also creates traffic hazards as they can not be seen around, drivers are looking at the signs rather than paying attention to the road. With the increased number of violations Washington City will be making contact with those who post, or have others post, these signs illegally to educate and or cite them. Please help us keep Washington City beautiful by taking the proper steps before placing signs around the city. Thank you for your concern and compliance.

-Police Department

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