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Personal Freedoms

Personal Freedoms or Civil Liberties are guarantees and freedoms. As American citizens and residents of Washington City we hold them very dear. We expect our elected officials to uphold them in every discussion and decision made as representatives of the people. The Bill of Rights to the United States Constitution guarantees the individual freedoms of speech, due process, expression, assembly, press, and religion. The right to security, liberty, privacy, life, property, and to defend oneself, and the unequivocal right to bear arms. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in March of 2020 government restrictions that would have been unthinkable a year prior became a way of life. (or they attempted to). These drastic actions have left many wondering about the limits of government officials’ power - and whether that power changes during times of a global pandemic. The easy answer is, there’s no easy answer. State and Federal Executive Orders for masks, vaccinations, business closures and the like brought far more questions than answers.  In my opinion, our city desired to comply with the law, but didn’t want to infringe upon individual civil liberties. Frankly we were in uncharted waters in many aspects. I feel it is important going forward to address the constitutionality of executive orders in times of crisis so we may be prepared in our response when the next round of orders come down. To not only defend individual liberties, but to also assure lawful compliance. The rights we enjoy are fundamental to what we believe, and makes us who and what we are. My conviction to protect these rights run deep. There can be no wavering. With great conviction and resolve I will always stand with you in defense of our liberties and freedoms. God Bless The United States Of America

 –Kurt Ivie, Washington City Council


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