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Planning Commission Member Seat Opening

The Planning Commissions purpose is to develop a plan for the physical development of the city by providing reports, recommendations, and administering applicable provisions of City Code, and also any other activities authorized by the City Council to enable the Planning Commission to perform its functions and to promote municipal planning. One (1) seat on the Planning Commission will become available in June 2019. Anyone who is interested in applying is encouraged to submit a written Letter of Interest to:

Washington City

Attn: Danice Bulloch, City Recorder

111 North 100 East Washington, Utah 84780

Fax: (435) 656 - 6378

Please include relevant background of experience, education and/or skills felt to be of benefit for this position. Requests must be submitted by June 30, 2019. The City Council will appoint the new members at the next available meeting. Any person appointed to the Planning Commission shall be a resident of the city and owner of real property therein. Also members must be able to fulfill a term of a minimum of 3 years.

-Danice Bulloch

Washington City Recorder

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