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Next volunteer opportunity is for the Washington City Half Marathon Events. To become a volunteer please print, complete and return the following document to the Washington City Community Center Attn: Jeremy Joseph  #435-656-6360 jjoseph@washingtoncity.org


Volunteer Application & Waiver PDF

Upcoming Events: (held at the Community Center)

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Aid Station Volunteer Duties and Information

Aid station volunteers are in charge of helping participants, preparing and handing out water and food as provided. Each aid station will have a table, garbage can and drink coolers. Station Captains are provided with a box that may include the following items:  [NOTE: Items vary depending on location of aid station]

  • First Aid Kit
  • Garbage bags
  • Cups
  • Phone list
  • Energy Gels (e.g. GU)
  • Powdered sport drink mix
  • Cut fruit and other food items

Items should be set up in the following order as runners approach your station:

  1. Water offered in cups which are half full.
  2. Food items including energy gels and fruit.
  3. Gatorade offered in cups which are half full.

Volunteers should hold out these items to runners and should verbally announce to runners what they are holding. Don’t be afraid to spread out along the race course so runners have plenty of space to accept what you are offering.

Aid stations are located approximately every 2 miles on the race course. Runners may drop clothing items at aid stations. Volunteers should collect these clothing items (NOT IN A GARBAGE BAG) and deliver them to the clean-up crew when their station is disassembled. DO NOT take valuable items or promise to hold items for runners. It is impossible for us to guarantee that these items make it back to the appropriate participant.

Each volunteer captain will have all phone numbers for race coordinators and emergency medical assistance. Captains and volunteers should monitor the station for items that may be running low. Please contact race coordinators BEFORE you run out. Plan ahead and stay well-stocked!

If a volunteer feels that a participant is in need of medical assistance they should call 911 immediately. If a volunteer witnesses an emergency situation while on duty they should call 911 immediately. Be prepared to tell the 911 operator that you are a volunteer for the DogTown Half Marathon and your location.

Volunteers should be diligent in keeping their aid station clean and free of debris.

The aid station Captain is the manager of the aid station and in charge of making volunteer assignments and the overall function of the aid station within the guidelines set forth above.

The following are locations of aid station on the Washington City Half-Marathon/5k Course:

  • Aid Station #1: Landfill Road (.1 miles after the turn off of Telegraph)
  • Aid Station #2: Virgin River Trail (intersection of the upper and lower trail)
  • Aid Station #3: Corner of Washington Dam Road and S. Country Way (road with the bridge over the river)
  • Aid Station #4: LDS Chapels on Washington Fields Rd just east of turn from Washington Dam Rd.
  • Aid Station #5: Majestic Drive and Imperial Ln
  • Aid Station #6: 3650 South and Camino Real (fka KD Jo Ln)
  • Aid Station #7: Stucki Farm Development and turnaround point

Coral Canyon Volunteer Duties and Information

Volunteers assigned to Coral Canyon should check in with the Volunteer Captain. The captain will assign the volunteer to their station. The following are duties volunteers may be assigned.

  1. Participant Shuttle: Volunteers will help participants find their way from the shuttle bus stop to the starting line and the starting line amenities.
  2. Aid Station: Volunteers will help to offer runners water and sports drink prior to the race start.
  3. Clothing Drop: Volunteers assigned to the clothing drop with accept runner’s clothing drop bags and place them in the designated vehicle that will take the bags to the finish line. These volunteers should organize these bags in numerical order as they are accepted. Organization is key to make this function quickly and efficiently!
  4. Information and Timing: Volunteers may be assigned to man an information booth to help answer runner’s questions and rectify issues runner’s may have with the timing company.
  5.  Double Dare Volunteer: These volunteers are in charge of greeting Double Dare participants as they reach the start line. Participants should be shown to the Double Dare VIP area (in the 1Law Motorhome). Volunteers may help in the VIP area to fill cups and offer food to participants. A volunteer will communicate with the finish line volunteer at Staheli Farm to ensure that all participants who started the Double Dare are accounted for prior to the start of the half-marathon.

Staheli Farm Volunteer Duties and Information

Volunteers assigned to Staheli Farm should check in with the Volunteer Captain. The captain will assign the volunteer to their station. The following are duties volunteers may be assigned:

  1. Parking: Volunteers will be assigned to guide participants and spectators to the parking area and ensure parking is being done in an orderly fashion.
  2. Participant Shuttle: Volunteers will be assigned to manage the loading and departure of half-marathon participant shuttles. Volunteers will check that all participants have bib numbers prior to boarding a shuttle bus. The first shuttle will leave Staheli Farm at 7:15a. The last shuttle will leave at 8:15a. Volunteers will make sure this schedule is maintained.
  3. Packet Pickup and Information: Volunteers will help to hand out goodie bags and bib numbers to participants who did not receive their items at the expo. Volunteers will also answer questions and help to resolve timing issues that may arise.
  4. Post-Race Runners Area: Volunteers will help to organize the post-race runners area to greet participants after they finish their event. Volunteers may cut and prepare food items, organize and maintain the items offered in this area. Volunteers will limit access to this area to participants and staff only.
  5. Start Line for 5K: Volunteers will help to organize participants at the starting line for the 5K.
  6. Ralph’s Run: Volunteers will help to organize participants at the starting and finish line for Ralph’s Run.
  7. Double Dare Volunteer: These volunteers will check-in Double Dare participants prior to them starting their event. They will work with the timing company to account for the start time of each participant. Volunteers will make certain that participants are wearing the required equipment and are aware of the rules and regulations of the Double Dare Event. Volunteers will make certain that all Double  Dare participants who complete the entire event receive a special Double Dare finisher’s medal.
  8. Double Dare VIP Area: Volunteers will greet finishing Double Dare participants at the finish line and show them to the VIP area (1Law Motorhome). Volunteers will help to maintain the food and other Double Dare items in the VIP area.
  9. Finish Line: Volunteers will hand out finisher medal to all half-marathon finishers ( 5K participants do not receive finisher medals). Volunteers will also help to monitor participants for any medical needs that may occur and take participants to the medical staff on hand at the finish line.
  10. Clothing Drop: Volunteers will accept the clothing drop bags that are transported from the start line and the aid stations. Volunteers will organize the drop bags in numerical order and distribute them to participants with the same bib number. No one should be given any items without a bib number. Volunteers should limit anyone to have contact with drop bags. Only clothing drop volunteers are allowed in the area of the clothing drop and are the only ones to locate and distribute items to participants. Items not in a drop bag that were left at aid stations should be organized in piles so that participants may find their items.

On-Course Marshal Duties and Information

Volunteers assigned to on-course marshals will help to guide runners along the race course. Volunteers should know the race course and the turns that runners will take as they navigate their way to the finish. Volunteers should be prepared to use verbal and hand signals to direct volunteers in the proper direction. Critical on-course marshals will be needed at the corner of 3650 and Camino Real at this intersection 5K participants will be directed to turn right on 3650 and head to the finish.

Packet Pick-up Duties and Information

Volunteers assigned to packet pickup and expo duties will help to organize and distribute goodie bags on Friday, February 1st. These volunteers may also be asked to assist in preparing swag bags in the week prior to packet pick up. Volunteers helping at packet pickup will distribute participant’s their assigned bib number and a swag bag. They will also help to answer any questions about the event that participants may have.

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