Economic Development

Mission Statement

We will implement creative community-based strategies to enhance economic opportunities by building strong neighborhoods, expanding existing businesses and ensuring a dynamic framework for growth and development.

Vision Statement

We will foster a vibrant, prosperous, and growing economy through extraordinary community development.

About Washington City

Washington City is one of the fastest growing city in Utah. At the center of Utah's "Dixie," Washington City is a hub to business development, recreation, and education. This is reflected in Washington City receiving the rank of 2nd best place to live in Utah.

Washington City covers 32.86 square miles and has a population of over 20,888 people. In 2000, Washington's population was 8,186. This is an increase of over 130% increase in the past ten years.

  • Median Household Income: $49,145
  • High school Graduation Rate: 93.6%
  • College Graduates: 23.2%
  • Percent who own homes: 70.4%

Washington City has three freeway exits which cover six miles of interstate. In 2013, these three exits saw an average daily use of 99,735 travelers. In 2014, Washington County reported $450,349,642 spent in tourism.

Washington City is closely located to major destinations such as:

  • Las Vegas 110 miles south
  • Phoenix 425 miles south
  • Salt Lake City 260 miles north
  • Los Angeles 390 miles south west
  • The Grand Canyon National Park 267 miles
  • Zion Canyon National park 37 miles north
  • Snow Canyon State Park 9 miles west

Washington City is also located close to Dixie State University

Economic Development Advisory Committee

  • Mayor
  • Two City Council Members
  • City Manager
  • City Attorney
  • Economic Development Director
  • Community Development Director
  • Public Works Director
  • Power Director
  • Business Owners Representative

Organizational Values

The Economic Advisory Committee of Washington City has embraced the following institutional values to direct our governance and activities:

  • EXCELLENCE: Meeting the highest Expectations
  • STEWARDSHIP: Respecting and protecting community resources
  • INTEGRITY: Demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness in action and intent
  • VISION: Imagining the possibilities
  • INCLUSIVENESS: Respecting and valuing broad participation in community dialogue and decision-making
  • COURAGE: Acting with strength of conviction even in the face of adversity

Committee Values

In order to better serve our residents and businesses, the Economic Advisory Committee holds itself to the highest standards of excellence, actively embracing the following core values:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Being responsible to ourselves, each other, and to the organization
  • CREATIVITY: Thinking about different ways of doing things
  • HONESTY: Communicating the facts without judgement or bias
  • RESPECT: Acknowledging each other's value and contribution
  • TEAMWORK: Working together cooperatively towards a common goal
  • TRUST: Believing in each other's success and ability

Business Visits:

Washington City wants to visit you! In an effort to gauge the health of local business and industry, Washington City staff would like to meet with businesses to discuss any issues or concerns. If you are interested in having staff come visit you, please call (435) 656-6312 to set up a visit!

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Matt Loo
Washington City Economic Development Director
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Washington City is a great place to do business, shop, live, and visit!

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