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This is the official Facebook Discussion Group of Washington City, Utah "Your Washington City". It was created to facilitate discussion between members of the community as well as leadership and staff within the city. Please read through the rules post before posting.

Please Read Before Posting or Responding:

This group will be monitored and posts will be forwarded to appropriate departments when needed.. The goal is to facilitate meaningful and informative discussion between elected officials, city staff, and the public. While complaints may arise we respectfully request that discussions remain civilized and differences in opinion be respected. Please use language that would best represent how you would like to be spoken to. While this group will be monitored it should not become the first place you go if you have a problem, if you see an issue in the city that is related to infrastructure, power, or utilities you should always call City offices at (435) 656-6300. If the issue arises after normal business hours you should still call the City office number and follow the interactive message to speak with the on call after hours staff. Emergency and public safety request should be done through county dispatch at (435) 634-5730 or 911 if urgent. We look forward to discussions that will educate our community as well as bring needs to the attention of City leadership.

While most topics and questions are welcome, we do however want to avoid it becoming a political platform. So leading questions or asking Staff and Council questions about political topics, affiliations, or how they feel about future projects should be avoided; they won't be answered. You are welcome to call or email members of the City Council or City Staff directly if you want to have conversations that are not inline with this. This should be a resource for education and discussion between the community, City Council, and City Staff. Your feedback and suggestions regardless of them being positive or negative are always welcome and appreciated. Comments and responses provided by the City Council are not considered official responses, There are no "official Council Response" unless they're made by majority vote in a public meeting. We hope this creates a positive channel for communication and education.

Violations Process:

If members of the group violate the established guidelines for Language, Civility, or Politics we will follow the following process:
  1. A warning will be given by direct message and the offender will have the option to remove the offending content.
  2. If the content is not removed after the warning is provided and adequate amount of time has passed. The content in violation will be hidden and a second warning will be given as a response to their post.
  3. If they take no action to resolve the situation and after and adequate amount of time has passed. The user will be removed from the group.

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