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FY 2018 2nd Quarter Budget Status

Each quarter the finance department provides a financial report to the Mayor and Council to apprise them of the budget status of the City. Financial information is communicated in two methods, year-to-date totals compared to the annual budget and year-to-date totals compared to a year-to-date budget (proration adjusts budget amounts linearly (divided by 1/12) based on the current point within the fiscal year being reported).

2nd Quarter Highlights
The City has experienced a strong first half of the fiscal year with operating revenue expected to exceed the current budget. Growth related revenue and consumer spending is the driving force behind the increased revenue. An amendment to the 2018 budget will be brought to the Council for consideration in February to account for anticipated revenue and expenditure changes. During the 2nd quarter the City entered into a 5 year lease purchase contract with Zions bank to fund the purchase of a new Bucket truck for the Power Department. The Council also authorized a five year internal loan between the Fleet fund and the Water fund as part of the Fleet Replacement model to replace six vehicles in the Police Department.

We invite you to explore the budget by visiting our Financial Dashboard. For questions or additional inquiries regarding the budget or finance dashboard, please contact Kimberly Ruesch at kruesch@washingtoncity.org or 435-656-6307.

Washington City's Financial Transparency Dashboard

FY 2017 Adopted Budget (pdf 5MB):

FY 2016 Adopted Budget (pdf):

FY 2015 Budget (pdf)

FY 2017 Audited Financial Statements (pdf)

FY 2016 Audited Financial Statements (pdf)

FY 2015 Selected Financial Data (pdf)

5 Year Capital Plan 2015-21 (pdf)

Watch this presentation to get to know the Washington City Budget Process:

Washington City Master Fee Schedule

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