Washington City Cemetery

 Washington City Cemetery has beautiful shade trees and grass located in town at 300 North 300 East. Historic grave sites date back as far as 1859. For information please call  the Washington City Recorder's Office at 656-6356.

 Prior to the opening of any grave site, all fees including but not limited to, plot purchase and internment fees must be paid. All caskets must be placed in concrete, fiberglass,  steel or brick lined vaults. Wooden vaults may NOT be used.

 To maintain the beauty of the Cemetery; fences, corner posts, coping of any kind, or any planted vegetation are not allowed. In addition; to avoid the Cemetery becoming  cluttered by dead or faded floral displays - floral arrangements will be removed approximately five (5) days after they are placed at the grave site. Of course, "human  judgment" will be used.

Cremation Services

Washington City now offers an alternative to traditional burial. For those seeking cremation services, we proudly announce the arrival of a new Ossuarium to our community.

The word Ossuarium is a combination of two words - Ossuary and Columbarium. It is a receptacle for the ashes of those individuals who have chosen the method of cremation for final disposition. An Ossuarium provides the option for single disposal of remains contained in a specialized, heavy plastic using a depository to access the middle enclosure. However, the Columbarium provides the option of companionship disposal of remains in two individual urns, which are placed together in one niche.

Located in the Washington City Cemetery, the Ossuarium is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden, and offers a peaceful, beautiful place for remembrance. All community members are encouraged to visit this new addition to our cemetery.

Cemetery Map for Washington Utah Cemetery
Map of Cemetery Plots, including names if occupied.

 Use this website to search for people interned in Washington County http://utahcemeteries.org/

The Washington City Council has adopted the following Fee Schedule:

All Plots:
Resident: $500
Non-Resident: $1,000
Certificate Change: $40
Ossuarium (resident): $400 per person
Ossuarium (non-resident): $500 per person
Columbarium (resident): $1,000 per niche
Columbarium (non-resident): $1,250 per niche
Disinterment: $1,000
Less than 24 hour notice requires $100 additional fee.

Interment Service: Weekdays Weekends
Interment - Resident $400 $550
Interment - Non-Resident $500 $650
Interment - Infants $200 $400


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