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Washington City Business License:
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The following information and packets contain the requirements and applications needed for a business license:
Please keep in mind this list is for your convenience only. There may be additional regulations required depending on the type of business you have.

All Businesses

  • Register your business name with the Utah Department of Commerce, 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City , Utah (801) 530-4849 (click their link to the right for their webpage)
  • Obtain a Federal Identification number and a Utah State Sales Tax Identification Number (if applicable for your business) 210 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City , Utah (801) 297-2200 (web address: If you require only a Federal ID number, phone (866) 816-2065.
  • Provide a copy of the State Registration, Federal Identification Number and the State Sales Tax number with the Business License application

Select businesses only (depending on nature of business)

  • Show proof of professional license (if required). This is a license required from the Utah Department of Occupational Licensing for certain types of businesses.
  • Schedule an Animal Control Inspection at (435) 673-7194.
  • Schedule an inspection with the Southwest Utah Public Health Department at (435) 673-3528
  • Food Services and Restaurant type businesses are required to install a grease trap, information can be obtained from the St George Wastewater/Sewer Services Department (435) 627-4250 or 3780 S 1550 W St George

To apply, click the appropriate link:

Temporary Businesses

  • Complete and return the Temporary-Use Permit form.
  • Provide a copy of the letter giving permission from the property owner.
  • Provide a property site plan of your location, including parking and exits.
  • Contact a Community Development Counter Representative for information about sign regulations and placement Requirements at (435) 656-6325

Important Links:

St George Area Chamber of Commerce

Utah Department of Commerce

Utah State Tax Commission

Utah State One Stop Online Business Registration

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