City Election Information:

The General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017from 7AM - 8PM to fill the seat of City Council Members and Mayor. See you at the polls.

The following candidates will run for two (2) positions of City Council Members:

Garth E. Nisson

Kurt F. Ivie

Daniel Cluff

Douglas Ward

Candidates for Mayor:

Kenneth F. Neilson

Ben L. Martinsen

We encourage all citizens that are qualified to vote to come and show support for their community at the General Election. If you are not sure whether or not you are registered, you can contact the Washington City Recorders Office at (435) 656-6308 for information concerning our local election or

Get to know your Candidates:

Download Candidate Contact Sheet

Early Voting:

General Election Early Voting Dates

October 24th - 25th: 9am - 1pm:Washington or St. George

October 26th - 27th: 1pm - 5pm:Washington or St. George

October 30th - 31st: 9am - 1pm:Washington or St. George

November 1st - 2nd: 1pm - 5pm:Washington or St. George

November 3rd: 9am - 5pm:Washington or St. George

November 6th: 1pm - 5pm: St. George Office only

Early Voting will be held at the Washington City Offices, located at 111 North 100 East, Washington, Utah. You may also early vote at the St. George City Office, located 175 East 200 North, St. George, Utah.

Additional Information

If you have any questions, please contact the City Recorders Office at the Washington City Offices, 111 North 100 East, Washington Utah, or by phone at (435) 656-6308.

Additional voter information at

As a convenience to our citizens we have all of our polling locations as voting centers. You can vote at any of these locations listed below even if it is not your Polling Location. Also you can vote at the Washington County Building, 197 E. Tabernacle, St. George, Ut.

Polling districts Map:

Click Here to Check your Voting District, then see below to find where to vote(pdf Map)

Polling Locations:

Precinct: WA60, WA61, WA62, WA71- Washington City Hall

111 North 100 East

Washington, Utah 84780

Precinct: WA63, WA64- Washington City Library

220 North 300 East

Washington, Utah 84780

Precinct: WA65, WA68, WA72- Riverside Elementary

2500 S. Harvest Lane

Washington, Utah 84780

Precinct: WA66, WA73- Coral Canyon Elementary

3435 E. Canyon Crest Ave.

Washington, Utah 84780

Precinct: WA67, WA70- Washington City Public Works Office

1305 E. Washington Dam Road

Washington, Utah 84780

Precinct: WA69- George Washington Academy

2277 South 3000 East

St. George, Utah 84790

Contact Information:

Washington City Recorder

111 North 100 East

Washington, Utah 84780

(435) 656-6308

Washington County Clerk's Office

197 E. Tabernacle St.

St. George, Utah 84770

(435) 634-5700

Utah Lieutenant Governors Office at

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