GIS (Geographic Information System)

Washington City's GIS Department maintains a complex Geographical Information System for use by city officials.

Much of this data is available for use by the public in a general form. Although the data is very accurate, accuracy is not given a warranty.

Map Gallery:

Annexation Plan for Washington City
Cemetery Map for Washington Utah
Facilities in Washington City
FEMA 100 Year Flood Zones
Firework Restriction Zones
General Plan Map for Washington City
Green Spring Golf Course
Hillside Protection Zones
Historical Sites in Washington City
Parcels for Washington City
Parks & Recreation Master Plan
Parks and Trails Finder
Soil Survey Map
Subdivisions in Washington Utah
Traffic Counts
Trail Elevation Map
Transportation Master Plan Map
USA Topo Maps
USA Weather Warnings
USGS Natural Hazards
Washington City Map Viewer
Zoning Districts for Washington Utah

Choose from the available downloads below or printouts are available for purchase at the city office.

Available maps in Adobe PDF format:

Fire Restriction Zones - (pdf 2.7 MB) [view in browser]
General Plan Map - (pdf 4.4 MB) [view in browser]
Hillside Protection Zone - (pdf 2.1 MB) [view in browser]
Parade Route - (pdf 1.1 MB) [view in browser]
Parks Map - (pdf 1.9 MB) [view in browser]
Road Atlas - (pdf 8.2 MB) [view in browser]
Street Basemap - (pdf 8.7 MB) [view in browser]
Street Map - (pdf 5.5 MB) [view in browser]
Subdivisions - (pdf 4.9 MB) [view in browser]
Trails Map - (pdf 3.8 MB) [view in browser]
Transportation Master Plan - (pdf 2.7 MB) [view in browser]
Voting Districts - (pdf 1.3 MB) [view in browser]
Zoning Map - (pdf 3.7 MB) [view in browser]

The following maps require the free Google Earth software available at

Available Google Earth maps:

City Limits (kmz file)
General Plan & Transportation Plan (kmz file)
USGS Realtime Earthquakes (kmz file)
Street Map (kmz file)
Subdivisions (kmz file)
Washington County Golf Courses (kmz file)
Zoning Districts (kmz file)

Disclaimer: The City assumes no legal responsibility for the use of the information shown on these maps.

The following maps are available for purchase at the city office:

Map Pricing

Map Type
Size Price W/ Aerials
24 x 36 $15.00 +$10.00
Subdivisions or Zoning
24 x 36 $15.00 +$10.00
36 x 48 $25.00 +$10.00
Subdivisions, or Zoning
36 x 48 $25.00 +$10.00


Local GIS-Related Sites:
Washington County GIS Information
Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center
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Other good GIS Sites:
ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Institute - GIS Software - Good Introduction to GIS... and a good site for data.

To contact the GIS staff, email

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