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Washington City Justice Court

111 North 100 East

Washington City, UT 84780

Phone (435) 656-6350

Fax (435) 656-6372

email court@washingtoncity.org



Court is held every Tuesday evening beginning at 5:00pm on WebEx. Please contact the court to make an appointment. You should appear within 3 weeks of receiving your violation.

Video Court Links by Date:

Note: Video court is done using Webex, please test your equipment before court by using this link: Webex Test

Fines are payable in the Utility Billing Office at City Hall between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday, by mail, or over the internet. If you choose to pay over the internet you will need to receive your docket number from the court. Fines are due within 3 weeks of receiving your citation unless other arrangements are made with the judge.


Please Note: personal checks are not accepted. Must have a current Docket or Citation Number to pay online.


Click Here to Pay Online

Extension requests or correspondence with the clerk or judge may be made by email to court@washingtoncity.org


Pay Online with Docket or Citation Number
Plea in Abeyance Form
Written Plea Agreement

Small Claims:
Affidavit to File Small Claim
Counter Affidavit to File Small Claims
Motion for Supplemental Proceeding
Supplemental Proceeding Questionnaire

Additional small claims forms may be found at the state website:

Expungement Process
Expungement Form

Miscellaneous Forms:
Court Appointed Counsel Request Form
Request for Discovery Form
Traffic School**
Domestic Violence referral**
Substance Abuse Treatment referral**
ACCI Lifeskills Homestudy course referral**
Community Service Hours Log**

**Use only when directed to by the Judge.

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