Application Submittal Process/Instructions:

  • Schedule and attend the Staff & Developer Review meeting.  Call (435) 656-6325 to schedule a date.

  • Once the Staff & Developer meeting is done, all of the necessary requirements should be ready for submission of an application within City Inspect.  All applications will be submitted, processed and reviewed within City Inspect unless otherwise stated.  Staff will contact the applicant to arrange payment for fees.  Contact staff at (435) 656-6325 for help and questions.

  • Create a City Inspect account or login and click on the Development module.

  • A temporary password will be generated and sent to your email address.

  • Either click on “get started” from the email which has the temporary password, or go into the login link on the Planning/Zoning webpage in the City Inspect program and copy and paste the temporary password into the password field.

  • You will then be prompted to create a permanent password.

  • Click on start new application/apply.

  • Click on the drop down box for which type of project is being submitted.  For questions regarding project categories , call (435) 656-6325

  • Fill out the application page (1st page) and then click continue.  Make sure to include lots, acreage, etc. in description.

  • At the bottom of the screen, make sure to enter in how many lots and the project acreage size in the description box.

  • Click past middle sections if any.

  • Click on add attachments.

  • Start uploading (all in pdf format unless otherwise stated).

  • All fields need to have the appropriate attachment uploaded.  If the box is marked with an asterisk (*), then that attachment is required prior to submission.  All boxes need to be checked before the system will allow you to submit. (you can always save for later and come back once all of the items are completed)

  • Applicant/owner needs to sign the application digitally.


  • Once submitted, City staff sees the application, starts the review process and will get hold of the applicant or owner to go through fees and will set up appearances for Planning Commission or City Council meetings.  Staff will always try to accommodate requests or needs and barring items to be re-reviewed or completed, a meeting should take place roughly 30 days after submission.


  • The applicant is notified of the status of application via email where you will see items to be uploaded, corrected or approved within each department plan review section.


  • Submittal dates are always the first and third Mondays by 3pm.  If you submit between those times, then your application goes for the next meeting date.


Additional documents to upload with online applications:  (These can be downloaded from the Planning and Zoning page in forms and a link (picture of paperclip) can be found next to the requirement)


  • Owner Consent of Application.  Contact (435) 656-6325 for instructions or clarifications.  This needs to be uploaded with every application.  The owner needs to authorize every application.


  • For Preliminary Plats- Preliminary Plat checklist - all boxes checked, signed and dated.  This form can be downloaded from the Planning/Zoning page in forms and is also next to the Preliminary Plat checklist field marked with a paperclip.  You can open that attachment and fill the form out, sign and save as a pdf, then upload to your application.

  • For Final Plats- Final Plat Checklist - all boxes checked, signed and dated. This form can be downloaded from the Planning/Zoning page in forms and is also next to the Final Plat checklist field marked with a paperclip.  You can open that attachment and fill the form out, sign and save as a pdf, then upload to your application.

  • Legal Descriptions- need to be uploaded in Word (doc) or Rich Text (rtf) format.

  • CAD files need to be uploaded in CAD format.

  • If you have documents that need a notary, our office has a notary on staff and will be happy to help.  

To retrieve mailing labels for noticing purposes:  follow the instructions and link on the main Planning/Zoning page under Related Information.

  • Click on OK on the main page in the middle of the Washington County informational narrative.
  • Click on I want to
  • Click on search for a subdivision.  In the right hand side menu a drop down box will appear that shows subdivisions and ability to see addresses within the county.
  • Click on the I want to prompt again and scroll down to create mailing labels
  • Click on Select parcels using a custom geometry on the right hand side
  • Define your custom geometry by choosing one of the tools below, and selecting an area on the map.  This is done by clicking on the shape to create a mailing radius of 300 feet as per State of Utah law.   Follow the prompts and several options to create the labels or you can type in the 300 feet when prompted.
  • The mailing labels populate and are ready to print.  Avery 5160 or off brand comparable labels are the correct format of labels to use.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to call (435) 656-6325 and we can walk you through the process by either having you come into the office or perhaps work through details of your submittal over the phone.

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