From:                 Washington City Redevelopment Agency  

Re:                 Notice of Interlocal Agreements for the Washington City Industrial  
Community Reinvestment Project Area  

Pursuant to Utah Code §§ 11-13-219(4), the Washington City Redevelopment Agency (“Agency”)  and Washington City, Washington County, Washington County School District, Washington  County Water Conservancy District, and Southwest Mosquito Abatement & Control District  (together, the “Taxing Entities”) are jointly providing this notice with respect to interlocal  agreements (the “Interlocal Agreements”) entered into by and between the Agency and the Taxing  Entities whereby each Taxing Entity consents to the Agency receiving a portion of the incremental  property tax revenues revenues generated in the Washington City Industrial Community  Reinvestment Project Area (the “Project Area”) over a period of up to 20 years for the purpose of  engaging in and encouraging desirable project area development within the Project Area. A copy  of each Interlocal Agreement is available for public inspection and copying at the Agency and City  offices located at 111 North 100 East, Washington, UT 84780, during regular office hours for a  period of at least 30 days following the publication of this notice. For a period of 30 days after  posting of this notice (the “30-Day Period”), any person in interest may contest the Interlocal  Agreements or the procedures used to adopt them if the Interlocal Agreements or the procedures  fail to comply with any applicable statutory requirement. After the 30-Day Period, no person may  contest the Interlocal Agreements for any cause.  

No action is required in connection with this notice.

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