Meeting Packet Documents:

1 A Agenda.pdf
4 A Commerce Hospitality Center Minor Subdivision Exhibit.pdf
4 A Commerce Hospitality subdivision Final Plat Report.pdf
4 B Bedford Final Plat Exhibit.pdf
4 B Bedford subdivision Final Plat Report.pdf
4 C Prada Pacana Phase 2-Final Plat Exhibit.pdf
4 C Prada Pacana subdivision Final Plat Report.pdf
5 A Brio 4C & 4D Preliminary Plat Exhibit.pdf
5 A Brio Phase 4C & 4D Preliminary Plat Report.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Conditional Use Permit, daycare facility for Debra Cahoon Report.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Certification.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Curriculum.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Drop off and Pick Up.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Floor Plan.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Food Preparation.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Inspection Results.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Outdoor Area.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Picture of back of house.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare picture of backyard patio.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Picture of backyard.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare picture of balcony.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare picture of front of the house.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare picture of gate.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Subdivision Plat.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare Utah License.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare written text.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Daycare.pdf
6 A C-20-02 Indoor Area.pdf
6 B C-20-03 Awning setback relief Exhibit.pdf
6 B C-20-03 Conditional Use Permit, reduced setback industrial zone Report. pdf.pdf
6 B C-20-03 setback relief for awning. Exhibitpdf.pdf
7 A Z-20-04 Cross sections Exhibit.pdf
7 A Z-20-04 OS to R-1-10 Exhibit.pdf
7 A Z-20-04 Zone Change request, from OS to R-1-10 Report.pdf
7 A Z-20-04Washington Vista Phase 3A & 3B Lots Site plan Exhibit.pdf
8 A G-20-03 General Plan Land Use Map Amendment, from LD & OS to MD & PUD-R Report.pdf
8 A G-20-03 LD & OS to MD Exhibit.pdf
8 A G-20-03 site plan Exhibit.pdf

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