Approved City Resolutions - Washington City Utah

Approved City Resolutions - 2017

R2017-19 Amend Culinary Water Rates.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-18 Fleet Replacement Loan from Water Fund to Fleet Fund.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-17 Disposal Evidence - Guns.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-16 UAMPS Central-St George TSA Exhibit C.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-15 Lease purchase bucket truck - Power.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-14 Appointing 2017 Election Poll Workers.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-13 Amending 2016_17 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-12 Setting the Tax Levy for WCSSD.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-11 Setting Property Tax Levy for WC.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-10 Hazard Mitgation Plan 2017-21 5 Co.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-09 Adopting the 2017_18 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-08 Amend Fee Schedule - WCWCD.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-07 Approving 2017-18 FY Tentative Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-06 Ratifying purchase of Huff Property.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-05 Municipal Wastewater Planning Program.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-04 WCSSD Representative Belliston.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-04 WCSSD Representative Belliston.docx
R2017-03 Amending the 2016-17 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-02 Wastewater Impact Fee _ User Fee.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2017-01 Electrical Usage Fee Amended.pdf: [download] | [view]

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