Approved City Resolutions - 2020

R2020-26 Sale of Significant Parcel - east end of 3650 South.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-25 UAMPS Representative Jeremy Redd.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-24 ULGT Board Member Compensation .pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-23 Fraud Risk Assessment.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-22 Steel Solar Project - UAMPS.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-21 Amendment FY 20-21 Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-20 Amending Fee Schedule - WCCC Business License.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-19 Public Entity PTIF.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-18 SWMACD WC Representative Roger Bundy.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-17 Carbon Free Power Project CFPP Phase 1.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-16 Preferred Alternative Northern Corridor.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-15 Adopting Low Impact Development (LID) application guidance.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-14 Corrected 032421 Washington City - Amended Billing and Collection Agreement.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-14 WCSSD No 1 - Collection and Billing Agreements.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-13 Setting Property Tax - SSD-CC.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-12 Setting Property Tax - WC.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-11 New Tier II Contributory Retirement System.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-10 Amending the 2019-2020 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-09 Condemning Racism.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-08 Adoption 2020-21 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-07 Accepting the Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-06 UAMPS Participants Resolution - sale surplus property to Hurricane.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-05 Greater Together Small Business Resilience Fund.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-04 Budget Amendment 2019-2020 FY.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-03 Protecting Life.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-02 WCSSD Representative Coats.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2020-01 Mosquito Abatement Rep Cluff.pdf: [download] | [view]

2020 City Resolutions.pdf: [download] | [view]

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