Approved City Resolutions - Washington City Utah

Approved City Resolutions - 2021

R2021-25 Amending the Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-24 Interlocal Agreement for Sienna Hills I CRA.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-23 Employee Vacation Carry Over.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-22 Side Yard and Rear Yard Public Utility Easements.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-21 Accepting the Fraud Risk Assessment.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-20 Amending 2021_2022 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-19 Proclaiming Sept 13-20 IRONMAN Volunteer Week.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-18 Amend Protocol Policies and Procedures.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-17 Carbon Free Power Project Participation.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-16 Setting Property Tax Levy for CCSSD 2021.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-15 Setting Property Tax Levy for WC 2021.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-14 Amend 20_21 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-13 Medical Insurance Benefit Opt-out.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-12 Municipal Boundary Line Adjustment with St George.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-11 Adopting the 2021-2022 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-10 Policies and Procedures Amendment.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-09 Accepting the 2021-2022 Tentative Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-08 Financial and Personal Conflicts of Interest.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-07 Boundary Line Adjustment Harvest Lane _ Merrill Road.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-06 Temporary Justice Court Judges.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-05 Master Fee Schedule Police - SGC Wastewater IP.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-04 Representative for Administrative Control Board.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-03 Representative for Mosquito Abatement.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-02 Amendment 20-21 FY Budget.pdf: [download] | [view]

R2021-01 Master Fee Amendment Associated with Blue Can.pdf: [download] | [view]

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