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Approved City Resolutions - 1991

R1991-9 Honoring Military_ Celebration.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-8 Increase Cemetery Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-7 Rick Young Property Annexation.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-6 Annexation of Section 19.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-5 Increase Fee Structure - Golf Course.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-4 General Fund Budget Increase_ Decrease.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-3 Accepting Recommendations of Board of Equalization 90-1.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-23 Aggregate 400,000 Water Resource (Golf Course Reservoir).pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-21 Establishing Industrial Development Board.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-20 Request for Left Turn Lane Intersection HWY 91 and U-17.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-2 Supporting American Troops Fighting in the Persian Gulf War.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-19 Justice Court Recertification.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-18 Transfer Capital Funds for City Advertising Sign.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-17 Honoring Oscar Bluth for Service to City.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-16 Ray Schmutz Annexation.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-15 Brent Stucki Annexation.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-14 Increase_Decrease in the 1990_1991.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-13 Easement Abandonment in Hillside Mobile Home Estates Subdivision.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-12 Adopting 1991_1992 Budgets.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-11 Closing of Special Improvement District Bonds.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-10 Amending Swimming Pool Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1991-1 SID 90-1.pdf: [download] | [view]

1991 City Resolutions.pdf: [download] | [view]

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