Approved City Resolutions - 1970-1979

R1979-2 Annexation of Territory to Washington City.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1979-1 Water and Sewage Usage Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1979 Telegraph Street Historical Development Association.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1979 Southwest Power Agency Agreement.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1979 - State Legislature Transfer of Power to Local Government.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-9 Establishing City Boundaries.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-8 Water and Sewer Mains and Connection Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-7 Water and Sewer Mains and Connection Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-6 Filing and Inspection Fees for Subdivisions.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-5 Washington Couty Special Service District No 1.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-4 Special Service District Number One.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-3 Stray Dog Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-2 Off Street Vehicle Park Land Request.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978-1 Pedestrian Trail BLM South East Land Request.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1978 Electrical System Feasibility Study.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1977-1 Water and Sewer Usage Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1976-1 Water and Sewer Connection Fees.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1976 Sewer Outfall System _ SG Sewer Treatment Plant Usage.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1975-8 Utah League of Cities and Towns Appointment.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1975-4 Building Permit System _ National Flood Insurance.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1975-3 Federal Flood Insurance .pdf: [download] | [view]

R1975 Karma Corporation.pdf: [download] | [view]

R1970 Irrigation Water Tax.pdf: [download] | [view]

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