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Building Inspector 2

Department: Community Development

Division: Building Inspections

Effective Date: 01/26/21 | Closing Date:Upon HIre

Salary: $60,000- (Lateral Pay Can Exceed Starting Pay Depending on Experience)

Must be ICC 4 way certified in Residential and Commercial.

General Purpose:

Performs a variety of working level, para-professional and technical duties as needed to assure compliance with city, county, state and/or federal uniform building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire codes and ordinances.  Performs inspections on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Supervision Received:


Works under the general supervision of the Chief Building Official.

Supervision Exercised:


Essential Functions:

Serves as a resource to contractors on matters relating to code requirements and construction techniques and practices; discusses and explains ordinances and codes to concerned homeowners and contractors.


Participates in the development and implementation of departmental policies, practices and procedures related to building, plumbing, heating, electrical, zoning and related codes.


Visits building sites or existing buildings to perform inspections including zoning, yard location, footing, foundation, frame, wiring, plumbing, and heating to assure compliance to approved plans, building codes and ordinances.


Interprets regulations and codes to builder and property owners to assist them in altering construction plans to meet established standards.


Investigates alleged code violations; determines whether a violation exists;  informs building owner/worker of violations in building construction; serves correction notices; prepares certification of the inspection;  assists building official on abatement of unsafe buildings; examines burned buildings upon request to determine structural safety for occupancy or reuse.


Maintains files on inspection checks, work notices, soil and concrete tests, etc.; researches into particular problems; suggests solutions; follows up on written agreements between the city and building owners, developers, contractors, etc.


Discusses proposed changes in ordinances and codes with supervisors; receives correct interpretation and passes the same onto the public as the occasion arises; provides solicited input regarding code changes; reviews and studies uniform codes to stay abreast of changes.


May assist to examine building plans and specifications for compliance with uniform codes as to construction, building type, occupancy, fire protection and location of lot; verifies plans to conform to city ordinances;  makes corrections for errors on blueprints; discusses and explains ordinances and codes to concerned homeowners and contractors.


Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Education and Experience:
  1. Graduation from high school, plus, one (1) year of specialized training in building methods and practices related to commercial, industrial and residential structures provided through technical college, professional workshops or university studies


  1. Three (3) years of responsible experience performing above or related duties;


  1. An equivalent combination of education and experience.
  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    Considerable knowledge of  construction methods and materials common to commercial, industrial and residential construction projects; basic engineering standards and codes;          political, legal and governmental processes affecting various building programs and project management;   building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and energy conservation codes; modern construction methods, practices, materials, tools and equipment.  Working knowledge of basic drafting techniques, blueprints and related specifications;  interpersonal communication skills.


Skill in the art of diplomacy and cooperative problem solving.

Ability to interpret codes accurately and effectively;   analyze permanent structures to determine conformity of established codes; communicate effectively verbally and in writing;   read and interpret plans and specifications;   visualize completed projects in planning stages and estimate the end results;  estimate quantity of materials accurately;  perform advanced mathematical calculations;  develop and maintain effective working relationships with elected officials, federal agencies, state agencies, local governments, subordinates, and the public

  1. Special Qualifications:
    Must possess a valid Utah Drivers license.

Must be an I.C.C. Must be four way certified in either residential or commercial. Which must be in the building field (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, building).

  1. Work Environment:
    Tasks require a variety of physical activities not generally involving muscular strain.  Physical activity and demands are frequent related to walking, standing, stooping, climbing, sitting, and reaching.  Talking, hearing and seeing or other effective communication is essential to job performance.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, emotional stability and discriminating thinking common to most job functions.  Frequent travel required in course of performing portions of job functions


Washington City provides full time employees with an excellent benefit package including a healthcare plan (no out of pocket expense for employee/dependent coverage), dental plan (no out of pocket expense for employee, out of pocket expense for dependents only), and a vision plan (no out of pocket expense for employee/dependent coverage). In addition, the City provides a $50,000 life insurance policy, AD&D, LTD, and an impressive retirement plan. Washington City also contributes 4.5% into a 401(K) plans for all eligible employees that are in the public employee fun. All benefits are effective on the1st day of work. The City also provides 12 paid holidays, 12 paid sick days per year plus vacation accruals.

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