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Water Operator 1

Department: Public Works

Division: Operations

Effective Date: 09/03/21 | Closing Date:Upon HIre

Salary: Operator 1) $36,645 (Lateral Pay Considered Depending on Experience)

Salary: Operator 2) $38,932 (Lateral Pay Considered Depending on Experience)

Salary: Operator 3) $41,325 (Lateral Pay Considered Depending on Experience)

General Purpose:

Performs a variety of entry, apprentice level semi-skilled duties related to the construction, installation, maintenance and repair of the cities potable and non-potable water systems.

Supervision Received:

Works under general supervision of the Water System Supervisor and/or Treatment Supervisor.  May receive close supervision from a Water Systems Operator IV, III or II while in training or on a project-by-project basis.

Supervision Exercised:


Essential Functions:

Water:  Operates various types of equipment such as, rollers, compactors and trenching equipment; performs installation or repair of water service connections, water lines and meters; flushes, repairs or replaces fire hydrants and plugged water meters; repairs water mains; cleans and maintains storage tanks, cleans reservoirs; connects and disconnects service; searches out shut off valves; water line leaks; assists in placement of pipe and water regulators; removes, disassembles, cleans or replaces defective parts of regulators, adjusts pilot valves as needed to assure efficient water line service.


Installs new water lines using pipe threaded, tapping machine, welder, pipe cutting saw, pipe and cable locator. tears out and repairs curb, gutter and street in locating and uncovering broken lines; builds meter boxes; builds extensions to raise or lower existing boxes as needed.


Operates a variety of hand tools and small power equipment such as jack hammers, roller, compressors, packing machine, gopher, tamper, tapping machine; cleans tools and equipment to assure proper working order.


Performs repairs and maintenance on pump stations, pumps, valves, wells, cleaning of reservoirs, etc.; monitors city water well storage levels; insures proper maintenance of electrical, pumping, chlorinating and storage equipment; maintains records of water lines, pumps and valves, storage levels, etc.


Conducts water sampling and delivers to State-certified laboratory for analysis; monitors chlorine levels; tests water using DPD tester to assure proper chlorine residual levels; reads water flow meter, chlorine pound per day gauge; calculates chlorine dosage and makes proper adjustments.



Installs water meters for new services; performs field and shop repairs on water meters, removes meter, disassemble, cleans and/or replaces defective parts, reassembles and tests to assure proper working order; sets blue stake markers.


Participates in work zone safety procedures; flags on coming vehicles to protect the public and workers; sets up warning signs and signalization equipment.


Performs general maintenance in the upkeep of facilities and equipment; paints water tanks, well buildings, floors, etc.; assures clean and functional work areas; operates high pressure steam cleaning equipment as needed.


Performs other duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Education and Experience:
  1. Graduation from high school;

  2. One (1) general work experience performing above or related duties;

  3. An equivalent combination of education and experience.
  1. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    Some knowledge of operating basic manual and power tools; the standard practices, methods, materials and tools necessary for pipe line construction and repair activities; pipe fitting procedures, pipe classifications and type; the occupational hazards and safety precautions of trench work construction and pipeline maintenance work; hazards common to heavy equipment operation; drain system construction methods etc.; interpersonal communication skills.

                      Ability to operate heavy equipment of various kinds under varying conditions; make minor repairs on assigned vehicles, perform heavy

                physical labor; develop and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, elected officials, local agencies and the general public;

                communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing; work from blueprints; tolerate weather extremes in the work environment; perform basic

                mathematical computations in reading and using various meters, gauges and related devices.

  1. Special Qualifications:
    Must possess a valid commercial drivers license.  Must be able to lift 50-75 pounds.  Must be willing to work on-call duty and 24-hour standby. Within   twelve  (12) months, must become a certified flagger.  Within 12 months, must become a certified state Water System Operator level I,

  1. Work Environment:
    Tasks require variety of physical activities, generally involving muscular strain, such as walking, standing, stooping, sitting, and reaching.   Talking, hearing and seeing essential to performing required job functions.   Common eye, hand, finger dexterity exist.  Mental application utilizes memory for details, verbal instructions, emotional stability and discriminating thinking.


Washington City provides full time employees with an excellent benefit package including a healthcare plan (no out of pocket expense for employee/dependent coverage), dental plan (no out of pocket expense for employee, out of pocket expense for dependents only), and a vision plan (no out of pocket expense for employee/dependent coverage). In addition, the City provides a $50,000 life insurance policy, AD&D, LTD, and an impressive retirement plan. Washington City also contributes 4.5% into a 401(K) plans for all eligible employees that are in the public employee fun. All benefits are effective on the1st day of work. The City also provides 12 paid holidays, 12 paid sick days per year plus vacation accruals.

It is the policy of Washington City to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity standards in all phases of personnel administration: job structuring, recruitment, examination, selection, appointment, placement, training, upward mobility, discipline, discharge, etc, without unlawful regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, physical or mental disability, national origin or veteran status.

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