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Application Deadline: 02/22/2021 Job Description Salary Range: $34,643-$42,438

Title: Fire Fighter I Code:

Department: Fire Department Last Revised:

Division: Operations Effective Date:

*This testing process will be to establish an eligibility roster for Full Time, Part Time, positions within the Fire Department.


Under direct supervision of a Captain, performs responsible public safety work involving the protection of life and property. Responds to alarms and participates in combating, extinguishing, and preventing fires; answers rescue calls and renders emergency medical care; engages in fire code enforcement, public education, along with station and equipment maintenance activities; also performs related work as required. This position requires 24 to 48-hour shift work with a total of 56-hour workweek. The Firefighter is also required to function in the position of Acting Engineer in the event that staffing levels require the substitution or in following a supervising officers directive.


The Firefighter is directly supervised by their assigned Captain.


Functions under the direct supervision of a Captain.

Performs firefighting tasks and skills in hazardous environments requiring

extreme physical exertion for long periods of time.

Maintains a level of personal physical fitness including strength, flexibility, and aerobic endurance.

Will be required to pass an annual physical fitness test.

Participates in tool/equipment operations, deploys hose, participates in the offensive, defensive, and/or transitional fire suppression attacks applying fire extinguishing agents, and other firefighting and/or rescue activities as needed.

Performs firefighting or rescue tasks while working above ground on ladders or other platforms.

Demonstrates a positive and professional attitude while interacting with colleagues and the public in any setting while employing courtesy and a friendly disposition.

Performs in the position of Acting Engineer when assigned.

Prepares and/or presents educational classes when assigned.

Performs emergency medical procedures to the level of his/her EMS certification for sick or injured patients.

Prepares the appropriate written reports for emergency medical incidents, fire incidents, and/or rescue incidents.

Under the supervision of a company, officers perform business inspections.

Assists in the cleaning and maintenance of the Fire Department properties.

Assists in the cleaning and maintenance of the Fire Department apparatus.

Attends and participates in training keeping all required certifications current.

Operates Fire Department vehicles and equipment in a safe manner.

Maintains knowledge of and skills in the operation of Fire Department tools and equipment.

Performs other responsibilities and tasks as assigned by his/her supervisor.


A. Graduation from a standard senior high school or equivalent.

B. Six (6) months of experience as a Fire Fighter;

C. Must possess a current Utah Drivers License;

D. Utah EMT- Basic Certification.

E. Must have Fire I and Fire 2 Certifications.

4.Work Environment:

Functions of the position are periodically performed in an uncontrolled, hazardous environment, subject to all seasonal and weather extremes. Emergency response travel required in normal course of performing duties. Many functions of the work pose high degree of hazard uncertainty. Physical readiness and conditioning will be a condition of job retention. Various levels of mental application required, i.e., memory for details, emotional stability, discriminating thinking, creative problem solving. Continuous use of motor skills.

It is the policy of Washington City to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity standards in all phases of personnel administration: job structuring, recruitment, examination, selection, appointment, placement, training, upward mobility, discipline, etc, without unlawful regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, physical or mental disability, national origin or veteran status.

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