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On January 10, 2018, the City Council passed a Resolution approving Washington City to be a Vote by Mail city. Voting by mail is a huge step for the City, a significant amount of time has gone into researching this option. Washington City has seen a large decrease in voter turnout over the years. The best voter turnout was in 2013 at 28.44%, which is overall a very small amount of the population. Here are some of the reasons vote by mail will be more convenient.

  • Ballots will be sent to residents homes relieving the stress of getting to a polling/voting location and standing in line.

  • Ballots are sent approx 30 days before the election, giving voters more time to research candidates.

  • Increase in voter turnout.

Please take advantage of this gift the City Council has provided for the citizens. Citizens over the age of 18 years are encouraged to get out and vote. Here are some questions residents might have about voter registration:

  • Have you registered to vote recently and want to make sure all your information is correct?

  • Have you moved recently or changed your name?

  • Want to change your party affiliation?

  • Has it been a while since you voted?

  • Not sure whether or not you are registered?

Please feel free to contact the Washington City Recorders Office at (435) 656-6308 for information concerning the local Municipal Election or Voter Registration. For Additional voter information please visit

-Danice Bulloch

Washington City Recorder

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