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Swimming Safety

Swimming pools are a fun way for children to enjoy the warm weather, but they can also pose a significant safety risk. The fire department would like to share a few safety tips:

  1. You should always supervise your children while they swim, even if they know how to swim. Children can easily get tired and drown.
  2. Teach your children how to swim as early as possible. Swimming lessons can help your child gain confidence in the water and learn essential swimming techniques.
  3. The Washington City Community Center offers swimming lessons, additional information can be found here:
  4. Install pool fences and safety covers to prevent your child from accidentally falling into the pool. Make sure these safety devices meet all legal requirements and are appropriately installed.
  5. Keep pool toys and other floating objects away from the pool when they are not in use. These items can distract children and cause them to fall into the water accidentally.
  6. Teach your children about the dangers of swimming alone and the importance of always having a friend or adult nearby.

If you would like additional information on CPR training, contact our main station (435) 673-4788.

–Fire Department

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