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Learn About Finances In Washington City

Have you ever wanted to know more about Washington City’s finances? The proper management and wise spending of public funds is a top priority for Washington, and we work diligently to prepare for the future financial needs of our community. Everything related to money at the City can be viewed via our online financial dashboard at This online tool has valuable information regarding current and past budgets and details the government spending in our community. We are beginning the preparation of our next budget that will take us through July of 2023. You can participate in that process by letting us know what your priorities are for the City and what needs you would like to see addressed. Feel free to reach out to the Mayor, a Councilmember, or City Staff. There will also be preliminary budgets released and public comment options for you to give your input. I hope to see you involved in the process as we plan for the financial future of our community.

-Jeremy Redd

City Manager

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