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Changes In Our Live Can Be Magnificent If We Decide To Take Control

One of the great things I believe that will come from what is currently going on in the world will be that nothing ever really stays the same. All of us will find that we continue to face changes in our personal lives, and in the way we react to what is happening around us. You ready for that?

Changes in our lives can be magnificent if we decide to take control of what we have power to control, instead of trying to control what we cant. When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and our willingness to change. At that moment, we cant say we are not ready or prepared, because challenges dont wait for the most opportune moment. You are always you, and that doesnt change. We are always changing and theres nothing we can do about that, but move forward in our lives the best we can. Its called life.

And just when you think life cant get any worse; it does. But, just when you think life cant get any better; it definitely does That is the great secret of living. Enjoy each new day, each new sunrise and sunset, treat people as you like to be treated, be slow to anger and quick to praise. Make that difference that you have always wanted to.

Its a great feeling..............

-Kenneth Neilson


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