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Power Department

Ensuring Electrical Safety

Have you ever thought about the safety risk of everyday equipment like power strips when not maintained or used properly. Here are some tips to stay safe when using power strips, surge protectors, and extension cords throughout the year.    

  • Power strips, surge protectors and extension cords are not a substitute for permanent wiring.
  • Most power strips are meant for indoor use only unless specified.
  • Keep Children and pets away from electrical cords and power strips.
  • Power strips should be plugged into a grounded wall outlet. Never plug a power strip into an existing surge protector, another power strip or extension cord. There should only be one power strip or surge protector plugged into a double wall outlet.
  • If a power strip is hot to the touch, unplug and remove it immediately.
  • Always check all power strips and surge protectors regularly to ensure there is no damage.

 –Power Department

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