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The Holiday Season is a wonderful time to get together with family and friends to enjoy festive meals, parties and a few football games. Here are a few safety tips to keep you and your family safe. In the Kitchen; Gathering in the living room to watch television or around the kitchen can be an enjoyable time to get together. While many people enjoy big holiday meals, do not leave cooking unattended. Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. Follow all instructions when using a turkey fryer. Only use turkey fryers outside and on non-combustible surfaces. Keep the fryer away from combustible decks and patio covers. Around Christmas Trees; A beautiful, well-lit Christmas tree can be the focal point of the holiday season. Artificial trees made of flame-resistant materials can substantially reduce the risk of fire. If you display a live tree, please follow a few guidelines; cut or choose a fresh tree with green needles that dont easily fall off. When you get the tree home, cut off the bottom and place the cut end into water. Check the water level every day and replenish as needed to keep the tree looking fresh and green. Remove the tree from your house after the holidays. Fireplaces; Clean and check your stove and chimney system prior to use each season. Firewood should be stored outdoors until needed. Do not burn packaging materials or holiday wrapping paper in your stove or fireplace. Do not remove ashes until the ashes are cold to the touch, then place them in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. Only place cold ashes into the garbage can to be picked up by trash collectors. The Washington City Fire Department wants to wish you and your family the very best during the holiday season and the upcoming year.

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