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Last month, it was difficult to watch Americans standing in line, in the mud, holding buckets, waiting for their turn to get clean water. In mid-February, Texas had an unusual cold snap, which led to a domino effect of problems; the power grid became overloaded, the electrical supply was reduced and rolling brownouts began. Due to a lack of consistent power supply, water treatment facilities shut down and culinary water supply stopped. Roads were covered with snow, employees couldnt get to work, and grocery stores closed. Once the weather warmed up, frozen pipes began to flood homes. Many Texans experienced several major emergencies in one week. A friend of mine compared emergency preparedness to a tool box. We cant prepare for every conceivable emergency, but if we fill our preparedness toolbox with quality tools, we should be able to handle the majority of emergencies that come our way. Using Texas as an example, having an alternate way to heat and light a couple of rooms in our homes, and having a method to cook food in the garage or on the patio, would have solved several problems. Simple preparations, such as having a two-week supply of water and easily prepared food, extra medications and a battery powered weather radio, would have allowed most people to stay at home until the roads were clear and the storm had passed. As spring time approaches, this is a good time to check smoke detector batteries, furnace air filters and expiration dates on our emergency supplies. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the state. Lets get outside and enjoy the springtime weather.

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Fire Department

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