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Grateful For The Past And The Future

As was mentioned in my previous Council’s Corner message, I have the opportunity to serve with our amazing Washington City Youth Council. We recently held our annual kickoff and retreat where a new Executive Council was selected along with the other assignments that are needed to keep the Youth Council moving forward. The theme this year is “Preserve History and Cultivate the Future Through Leadership”.  The youth were taught about cultivating their future through specific qualities; and these qualities were to have character, purpose, a positive attitude, grit, and integrity. By nourishing these qualities, and through mentors, these youth will learn leadership skills that they will be able to carry throughout their life. During this retreat we were also given a metal bucket, some potting soil, and a cotton seed so that we could watch this seed grow. I have this bucket in my office at work as a reminder of all of the lessons learned at this retreat and to remember that someone is always watching me to make sure I am acting as I should, and doing my best to demonstrate the qualities that we learned  during our retreat.  Let us all do what we can to remember these qualities of character: purpose, positive attitude, grit, and integrity so we can help Washington City be the place where people want to live!

 –Ben Martinsen, Washington City Council


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