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September was quite a month. In Washington City, we experienced a heavy rainstorm that put our drainage systems to the test, and our 100-degree days continued past Labor Day. Residents of northern Utah experienced high winds, which uprooted trees and left thousands without power. These incidents demonstrate the importance of being prepared for a variety of emergencies. One of the most valuable and dependable utilities is electrical power. The theme for October is being able to safely meet basic needs during a power outage. Before an outage, there are several steps you can take to prepare. Fill empty freezer space with plastic water bottles. A full freezer will stay colder longer if it is full. Notify your utility company if you use medical equipment in your home. Know how to manually disengage the garage door opener in case you have to leave your home. Keep your fuel tank at least half full, in case gas stations are without power, and keep a charging cord for your cell phone in the car.After an outage, find out how widespread the outage is, and how long the power will be out. Monitor your weather radio, check with neighbors, call the utility company or check social media to determine the seriousness of the situation. Keeping a flashlight, and extra batteries, in each bedroom is helpful. Purchasing rechargeable flashlights that plug into the wall outlet and turn on as soon as the power goes off are also a good idea. As with all your emergency plans, write them down and practice your plan frequently with everyone in your house. There are many more ideas to prepare for a power outage on Happy Halloween and have a great fall season!

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