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Grateful For The Past And The Future

Hello, my Washington City friends, I hope all is well with you and your families. The road construction on Buena Vista Boulevard has stirred some of my childhood memories. I moved to the Buena Vista area north of the freeway in 1979 when I was 11 years old.  At that time, there were only a handful of homes, and the rest was a wide-open desert playground. My friends and I rode bikes, motorcycles, hiked, and explored the area where the golf course and the Green Springs developments are today. We chased lizards and jack rabbits, fished for crawdads in the Millcreek and swam in the Boilers Pond. Most of the roads were not paved at first, including Buena Vista Boulevard. It was a somewhat narrow two-lane dirt road. When it rained, it was very slick. When it rained hard, at times, multiple cars would slide off the road into the ditch. Many times, the developer of the subdivision, Frank Sullivan, would drive one of his front-end loaders down to the road to pull cars out of the mud. As I drive down our beautiful newly finished Buena Vista Boulevard, I recall some good memories from the past, but I am also grateful for the progress we have made as a city. I am thankful for our Public Works department that does such a great job on our roads.  I am thankful for all our city department staff and employees, and the good job that they do in our city. It all starts at the top; we have a great Mayor, a fantastic City Manager, and hardworking and knowledgeable department heads. There are great things on the horizon for Washington City. This is a wonderful place to live where the sun shines and the people are kind and generous. As a City Council, we want to hear your questions, concerns, and suggestions. Please feel free to call or text me any time on my personal phone. (435) 680-7862 Keep up the good work!

 –Bret Henderson, Washington City Council


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