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#1 Small City In America to Start A Business

Washington City started 165 years ago with 38 pioneer families determined to grow cotton. Later, many succeeded in gardening and farming operations, with a few other hometown businesses intermixed. The population of the city fluctuated some over the years, but remained fairly level for multiple generations. Life in Utah’s Dixie required grit, determination, faith, and hard work. Just recently the city has begun transitioning from a place of merely surviving to one of thriving. Our pioneer ancestors would be quite surprised to see Washington today.

What started as a small agricultural community has now grown into the number one small city in America to start a business according to a recent ranking from WalletHub. This ranking took into consideration three factors: access to resources, cost to do business, and business environment.

This is a ranking to be proud of, yet not surprising considering our strong roots. We’ve worked hard in recent years to create a culture that shows we’re open for business for anyone wanting to harness their entrepreneurial spirit in starting and growing a company. The WalletHub study ranked Washington number one in start-ups per capita and in highest average growth in number of small businesses.

If you were to start a business in the near future, wouldn’t you seek a place that is business friendly, a place with population growth to sustain a robust market and workforce, a place with the quality of life to attract employees, and a place where business licenses could be easily obtained? Wouldn’t you choose a place such as Washington?

We’ve made considerable capital investments in our infrastructure. Our city’s roads, power grid, water, sewer, storm drains, and tech infrastructure are capable of supporting an educated and skilled workforce in a variety of fields. Our low tax rates and minimal red tape make starting a business attractive to veterans and first-timers alike. Our undeveloped land with prime access to I-15 and SR-7, along with close proximity to a regional airport, check the boxes many businesses desire. Our heritage and sense of community helps everyone feel welcome. Our recreation programs and vast network of parks and trails help sustain healthy and active lifestyles. It’s easy to go from work to the top of a red rock cliff in a matter of minutes.

Smaller cities, like ours, offer benefits that larger cities don’t. These include lower overhead costs, stronger relationships with customers, and the potential to become a “big fish in a little pond”. With 98% of our building permits being residential over the past several years, we have the rooftops to support commercial development right here, right now. Those living under my roof are ready for more restaurants, entertainment, and retail options.

Now is the time to start, open, and grow a business in Washington. With our number one ranking as proof, we’re open for business for those with similar determination as our first settlers; those who want to succeed while contributing to our quality of life and hometown feel. As Mayor, I look forward to being at your groundbreaking and grand opening!

-Kress Staheli


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