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Council’s Corner

Lets Keep Washington City Clean

Washington City is part of the Washington County Solid Waste Management Services and with the landfill being located just outside of Washington City limits, Washington City gets hit the hardest with trash. With every truck trailer and trash truck in the county going through our town either by Washington Parkway or Telegraph Street to get to the landfill a huge burden is placed upon Washington City to take care of the litter that occurs along these roads. To help mitigate this we are working with the Washington County Solid Waste to help with some trash pick up along those roads. We also have asked the police force to have a no tolerance policy on untarped and unsecured loads. So please get them secured. Washington City is the most beautiful city and we want to keep it that way. So please continue to do your part and secure your loads and don’t litter. Our goal is to keep this beautiful community a place we all have fallen in love with.

 –Craig Coats, Washington City Council


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