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Make A Difference It Can Be Fun & Rewarding

It sure is good to see some moisture coming in to our area. We certainly are in need of it. Perhaps this would be a good time to offer a reminder that any opportunity we have to conserve our precious water resource lets do it. I have been thinking lately about choices that we make. I believe every choice we make can be a great learning experience whether it be good or not so good. Life isnt about doing things perfectly, but doing things intentionally. Choices make character. Its your choices that chose who you are, not your abilities. The climb to achievement is not as important as the adventure. Do you know what the most unselfish thing you can do in this World is? help someone else. The old saying When you are in the service of your fellowman, you are only in the Service of your God is true. And really that is where our true joy can come from. Making a difference can be a lot of fun and very rewarding.......Why not try it out?

-Kenneth Neilson


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