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Amazing People Reside In Washington City

I often write newsletter messages about essential items within our community, such as roads, water, public safety, etc. This month, I want to talk about something that isnt a city service but a personal service. This topic is not necessarily life-sustaining to our whole community but certainly helps sustain the lives of some of our community. I want to talk briefly about some of my favorite citizens within the community. Washington City has two extended care facilities within our community, a Beehive home, and Autumn Harvest. The residents of these facilities represent an important part of who we are as a community. On days that are particularly challenging to me, one of my favorite things to do is to drive over and visit with the residents of these facilities. These individuals possess a whole world of experiences, wisdom, humor, and courage that I find uplifting and which makes me feel warm inside. Washington City will soon be home to two other care facilities, Ovation, and Primrose. These care facilities allow each of us the opportunity to meet some magnificent people, be strengthened by the beautiful lives they have led, and be grateful for each other. I hope you will find the time in the near future to meet the best of our citizens!

-Roger Carter

City Manager

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