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Municipal Budget Basics

One of the most important duties of the Washington City Council is to approve and oversee the budget. Washington City operates on a fiscal year budget with a fund based accounting system emphasizing accountability and transparency. Day to day operations and administration of the city are primarily run through the General Fund, while other operations like Power, Water, and Sewer are run as “utilities” through Enterprise Funds. There are other funds for various municipal functions, including Capital Projects. No matter the fund, the objective is always to provide the needed service with efficiency, showing utmost prudence and care in the use of taxpayer dollars. When it comes to the General Fund the council is concerned with items ranging from road maintenance to park maintenance, and a multitude of other responsibilities in between. Public safety is a top priority in the General Fund. The council has shown support for our police department in the current budget by approving the hire of two new police officers and funding for necessary equipment. The council has shown fiscal responsibility in the use of taxpayer dollars in support of our fire department by partnering with the Hurricane Valley Fire Department to build and operate Station 64, which opened on our border about a year and a half ago and serves residents in both areas. Washington City has been saving for many years to purchase a needed ladder truck. We partnered with our neighbors in Hurricane Valley again and cut our cost in half for that purchase. We will soon house a shared ladder truck that will also serve as a fire engine, in our shared fire station, staffed by firefighters from both departments. The new budget will begin on July 1st, 2021 and will be drafted and finalized over the next few months with recommendations from city staff and input from citizens. More details about the Washington City Budget can be found at

        –Kress Staheli, Washington City Council


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