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Tips To Get Garden Ready

Spring is coming and its time to get your yard and garden ready. Here are some tips for the month of April:

1. Treat apples for powdery mildew when pick color shows on bloom.

2. Water lawn only if needed or to water in fertilizer.

3. Time to plant fruit trees.

4. Treat sycamores with a fungicide for anthracnose.

5. Spray for Fire blight when susceptible plants are blooming.

6. Thin out transplants.

7. Aerate lawns if you did not do it in the fall.

8. Remove weeds when they first appear.

9. Fertilize transplants with water-soluble fertilizer.

10. Transplant: broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.

11. Fertilize shade trees and your lawn.

12. Now is a great time to seed a lawn.

13. If you forgot spurge and crabgrass control, do it now.

14. Anytime is a good time to install sod.

15. Monitor pond water temperature to be consistently above 50 degrees F, start feeding your fish

16. Treat for melting-out fungus in turf problem areas.

17. Extend your outdoor living space by creative landscaping.

18. Deep soak trees and shrubs if rainfall is inadequate.

19. Dont forget to fertilize your lawn

20. Water lawn early in the day or at night.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather and enjoy the month of April.

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