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We Have Some Amazing Youth In Our Community

Each member of the City Council has the opportunity to serve and fulfill several assignments outside of our normal meetings. It is my privilege to serve as the liaison between the City Council and our Youth Council, with their advisor Carmen Snow.  Our Youth Council does so much to serve in our community and the surrounding communities. They always serve with a big smile! A few weeks ago the outgoing members of the Youth Council, those who are high school seniors, held interviews for their replacements. Even though Carmen and I did not participate in the interviews we were able to meet each of the candidates interested in serving on the Youth Council. As we did it was an experience that gives me continued faith and hope in our youth. We have some amazing youth in our community. I want to thank Carmen for her 12 years of service with our Youth Council (Sherrie Lou Staheli should be included here as well), the youth who allow me to participate with them, the city who allows for this assignment, and the parents of these, and all, youth! You are doing a great job so please keep it up! If you have not met Carmen or the members of our Washington City Youth Council you need to do so soon! Let me know and I will get you further details.

 –Ben Martinsen, Washington City Council


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