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Mayor’s Message

Speaking of Roads…

Last November the City Council approved an update to the Transportation Master Plan. This document serves as a guide for planning and upgrading roads to serve current and future needs. Many road projects are already upon us. Here’s the latest:

Traffic Signal at Washington Fields Road and 3090 South Intersection

Warrants have been met, design is complete, and construction is set to begin at this location. The new traffic light is anticipated to be completed and functional by late summer, and will be a welcome addition for students and crossing guards at Majestic Fields Elementary next school year.

Traffic Signal at Washington Fields Road and 3650 South Intersection

Warrants have been met here as well, and a traffic signal is currently in the design phase. Parts will be ordered and construction will begin once design has been completed and parts have arrived.


3650 South Realignment to the West

This is part of a regional project between Washington City and the City of St George. The project will realign 3650 South (Washington City) to line up with 1450 South (St George) curving northwest, in front of the Red Cliffs Temple, and tie in at the signalized intersection at 3000 East (St George). Construction is underway.

3650 South Extension to the East and SR-7 Interchange

The project includes roadway construction and associated improvements on 3650 South from the current eastern limit of 3650 South (end of Majestic Hills Subdivision) to the proposed interchange on SR-7. This project also includes the interchange with SR-7. Design is underway and construction will begin early this year with an anticipated completion by the end of 2022.

Buena Vista Boulevard

This project includes roadway construction on Buena Vista Boulevard between Green Springs Dr and Cactus Lane, including reconstruction of the existing road and widening it to 5 lanes in order to handle current and anticipated traffic demands.

Washington Dam Road

The project includes roadway reconstruction and widening from 1900 East to the Southern Parkway. It also includes replacing and upsizing the existing water line to meet future needs, installing a sewer trunkline, and improving storm drainage. Construction is already underway and should be completed soon.

While new traffic signals and extended and upgraded roadways are intended to improve traffic flow, they can also play a part in improved safety. Of course the way we drive on new and existing roads is the most important factor pertaining to safety. Traffic citations increased 29% from 2020 to 2021, with speeding being the top offense, and a leading cause of accidents. The Police Chief offered the following advice to help curb this alarming trend:

“As the city continues to grow, and people choose to vacation and recreate in this area, our citizens need to be reminded to plan on extra time to get to places. Remain patient through traffic and ENJOY the drive.”


-Kress Staheli


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