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True Greatness In Service

One of the great beauties of volunteering is that anyone can get involved. You dont need a college degree. No going through any grilling interviews. You dont need to go through a performance review or exam. No essays to write. You just need a willingness to serve and a desire to help. You can make the world which you live a better place for others by opening your heart and serving others. This to me is true greatness of an individual, especially when there are no expectations of receiving anything in return; except the satisfaction of seeing great events enjoyed by all. We have this type of attitude in abundance here in Washington City. I personally want to thank all those volunteers who make our Cotton Days Heritage Festival so successful every year. Thank you so much for organizing all those wonderful events for us to enjoy every year. We will never know the countless hours you have spent to make this event so successful. Truly the best way to find yourself is through the service to others.........

Thank you so much......

-Kenneth Neilson


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