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Since the early 2000s, the Washington City motto has included the goal of being a city of choice here in southern Utah. Well, because of our efforts or just chance, I think it is easy to say we are realizing that goal. Our area has hovered in the top five fastest growing areas in the country for many years now. Let me share with you some census statistics about our community. In 1990, Washington City had a population of 4,198. In 2000, 8,198. In 2010, 18,761. Our current estimated population is 29,411. We continue to see annual growth rates at about 5% for our city. Although most of this growth comes from individuals finding this hidden treasure, a good percentage is also coming from what we refer to as organic growth. This is the growth that comes from our children and grandchildren. Since 2004, when I in-migrated five individuals to our population, three more have been born here. I know that growth can be challenging at times. I am grateful for those longtime residents who welcomed my family when we came here, and I hope that I have been welcoming to all who have come since. I also know that many, who are yet to come, will be a wonderful contribution to this city of choice. Roger Carter, City Manager

-Roger Carter

City Manager

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