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One common characteristic of all of us in Washington is that we love our sunshine. This winter, however, has been unusually wet and overcast. We see this as a mixed blessing, we are grateful for the water, but worry that we may become anemic for not seeing the sun for two days. The water basin that serves our community is known as the Virgin River Basin. This basin relies upon a robust annual snowpack to recharge our aquifers and provide us our needed water. To date, this basins snowpack is at 175% of normal. This is wonderful at the same time concerning. It is crucial for us that when the spring melt comes, it comes slowing and not with much moisture on top of it. If either of these events happens, we are subject to spring flooding along the Virgin River. As public officials, we are monitoring the snowpack and weather, identifying any potential problem areas in the event of flooding, and putting into place contingency plans to minimize any impact that flooding may have on individuals or property. We will be communicating with local organizations and neighborhoods, within the hazard areas so that we can best prepare for what Mother Nature might throw at us. In the meantime, we are excited to witness a beautiful spring with blossoms in all of their colors backdropped by our magnificent snow-capped Pine Valley Mountain.

-Roger Carter

City Manager

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