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Be Inspired To Do Better In All That You Do

May I start of by thanking all those people and organizations that came together literally at the last minute to put together a fantastic 24th of July Celebration. All of you are the reason that Washington City is an incredible place to live and raise your family. Thank you very much for keeping one of our historic traditions alive. Ive been traveling quite a bit this summer and enjoying some of the most spectacular views our country has to offer. It is truly breathtaking to see a sunrise in the Rocky Mountains, and a sunset on the beach at the Pacific Ocean. Dont you agree? Seeing these always inspires me to do better in all that I do each and every day. We are all given the same 24 hours each day. All of us, not just some of us, to do whatever we choose to do. Realizing this helps me to focus on what really is important in my life. Sometimes life is about exercising restraint in all areas of excess. Moderation in everything, even in moderation. Its about doing unto others as you would like done to you. Its about giving without any expectation of receiving. Its about loving your country, and leading a life that yields the most abundance for you. Not in material things or stuff, but in contentment. Perhaps its in making a difference for yourself personally, or for those who are closest to you.

The great think about life is...................its yours.

-Kenneth Neilson


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