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Deviations Can Lead To Growth

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. People naturally tend to gravitate towards a routine. Our time is valuable and most of us have more things to do in a day than we have time to accomplish them. Out of efficiency and expediency, we tend to take the same route to work, shop at the same grocery store, and return home the same way. We may be hesitant to change our routines, but if we believe what Roosevelt said about smooth seas, staying in our routines wont make us skilled sailors. Only when we deviate from the ordinary and predictable, do we learn and grow. When we get out of our comfort zone and into unfamiliar territory, we begin to learn to navigate the unknown. As this relates to emergency preparedness, being able to successfully negotiate unfamiliar situations will make us better prepared for emergency situations at work, school or home. Visiting a new city, taking a class, learning a new skill, or being around people who speak a different language will force us to slow down and figure things out, and hopefully enjoy the experience. When we spend time in unfamiliar surroundings, we are better able to handle unplanned events. We dont need to sail the high seas and become skilled sailors, but challenging ourselves will help us be better prepared for the unpredictable.

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