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Defense in Depth

In the last column of the year, I would like to introduce the term, “Defense in Depth.” This idea can be found in the IT world, and in planning military strategy. We also can relate it to emergency preparedness, and think a little deeper in our planning. As we build our preparedness toolbox, we can build additional layers of redundancy for each situation. Having some food is good, but we will be better prepared if we have a good mix of canned goods, dehydrated food, frozen food, and a rotating supply of fresh food. Having bottled water, water barrels, a water filter, and some frozen water in the freezer is better than relying on one source. When you evaluate your situation, ask yourself; How many ways can you heat up a can of soup without electricity? Can you stay cool or warm at night if the power goes out? If you have a medical device requiring a constant power source, are you prepared for a night without power? Does your device have a battery back-up, or some other way to ensure a constant power supply? Since we don’t know what kind of emergencies we will experience, building “defense in depth” will allow us to be more flexible and better able to respond to problems that will surely arise. Stay safe in your holiday celebrations and check in on your neighbors. This is the time of year to slow down and enjoy the holiday season with those around you. Happy Holidays!

–Ward Symes

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